Expanding the brochure range


We have been working with Stellex Manufacturing for over 2 years, helping to expand the brand and bring in new customers. In 2018 we launched their first corporate brochure that focused on case studies of their work and promoted their design expertise and exceptional standard of quality. Since then, this brochure has expanded to become a 32 page vital tool for their sales and marketing teams. It is sent to potential new customers and used when visiting existing clients or promoting the brand at trade shows.

The success of the case studies brochure has led on to the design of two new Stellex brochures. The first promotes their distressed and shop-fitting range, with a target audience of distributors within the trade. The second highlights their outstanding work in animal welfare and the recently completed projects with Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.

When designing corporate brochures we are looking to get readers from not just the physical editions that are printed. Each brochure we design is converted in to a digital ‘Flipbook’, with a link that can then be shared online, or added to a website. This useful tool expands on the reach of your marketing and helps reduce the cost of printing (helping save on your environmental footprint as well).

If you would like further information on corporate brochure design, please contact us.

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